What is CBD?

CBD is also called Cannabidiol and is one of many naturally occurring chemical compounds found in hemp plants. The cannabidiol is extracted from the plants and blended with carrier oils, such as coconut oil. Effectively CBD works in harmony with the human Endocannabinoid system

What is the Endocannabinoid system?

The first cannabinoid receptor in a living animal was initially discovered in the brain of a small mammal [Rat] in 1988.

It was only in 1990 when a team from the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Science began looking into this discovery and cloning CB receptors, leading to the first steps of understanding the endocannabinoid system in humans. It was rapidly discovered that endocannabinoids and the receptors in our bodies are present in every area of our central nervous systems, organs and cells and that they make up a fundamental part of our immune system and help our bodies to keep themselves healthy and balanced.

Cannabinoid receptors work by transmitting information to the inside of the cell regarding conditional changes; this process then starts the most suitable cellular response. And many tissues can have both CB1 and CB2 receptors that link to different actions. They become active primarily using endocannabinoids.

CB1 receptors are predominant within our central nervous system (CNS), which contains our brain and spinal cord; they can affect or send transmissions to the connective tissues, neurons, glands, gonads, and organs associated with the CNS. 

CB2 receptors are more prevalent with the peripheral nervous system (PNS), consisting of nerve fibres branching from the CNS and stretching to many different organs and parts of the body such as various limbs, skin, muscles, and immune cells.

All of the other fundamental systems of our bodies are permeated by the endocannabinoid system and its endocannabinoid receptors. (ECS) The ECS could regulate and help manage all the other systems!

The simplest comparison to explain this is that in the same way that the central nervous system connects our body’s internal systems and helps them to communicate with each other, the ECS helps maintain a state of wellbeing and homeostasis. 

In other words, it works hard to maintain a stable environment as all the other systems and organs change and react around it.

Is CBD safe and legal?

Hemp and marijuana are, taxonomically speaking, the same plant; they are different names for the same genus (Cannabis) and species.  The difference is that hemp plants contain no more than 0.3% of THC and Marijuana typically contains 5 to 20%+ THC.

Cannabis is a family of plants with two primary classifications — Indica and Sativa.  Marijuana can be classified as a member of both the Indica and Sativa families although Hemp is only a member of the Cannabis Sativa family.

CBD does not produce any psychoactive effect. For any product to be legally sold in the UK, it must not contain more than 0.2% THC, and must be sourced from a UK approved strain of industrial hemp.

All HEMPLIFECBD products are classified as “THC Free” and exceed these minimum legal requirements.

Can CBD replace my prescribed medication?

As mentioned above, CBD products cannot be marketed for medicinal purposes and are therefore are not intended to replace any current advice or treatment from your own doctor.

We always recommended that you check with a doctor or medical professional if you are at all unsure before you take any CBD product.

How much CBD should I take?

There are many ways to experience HEMPLIFE CBD. From sublingually (under the tongue with an oil), capsules, gummies (sweets) and topically (through the skin).

Dosage will always depend on the strength of your choice and your own physiology.

Specifically with the Oils there will be instructions on each pack but to calculate for yourself, the pipette carries 1 ml so in a 30ml bottle of 3000 mg strength you know that 1 pipette will give you 100mg. This would be quite high for a person of average weight and / or someone new to CBD so it is likely that you would only need around 25% of the pipette at a time (twice a day) initially but there are no hard and fast rules.

We suggest that you start on a smaller dose and work up as required.

Is CBD beneficial to health?

If you have worked your way through our Q&A this far you will know by now that there are no formal claims that can unequivocally be made regarding health benefits. Just a simple search online will yield considerable amounts of anecdotal claims and case studies for a whole range of benefits, some of which we have listed below.

If you view these articles and videos with scepticism, we recommend that you do not use any CBD products or at least contact your doctor before making any purchases. These are just some of the conditions that have case studies and claims online relating to the benefits of using CBD

What is broad spectrum CBD and where does it come from?

Cannabidiol (CBD), is just one of many naturally occurring chemical compounds found in hemp plants. The cannabidiol is produced by extracting it from the Hemp. There are many good videos that explain this process on YouTube, just one example: click here to watch.

The raw cannabidiol is then blended with various carriers, such as coconut oil or vape juices to create the desired final finished product.

The raw Cannabidiol is only 1 of approximately 110 different cannabinoids and Terpenes found in the Hemp plant. All of these are claimed to carry their own benefits. Some products carry cannabidiol only, these are called Isolate, whereas some contain the “Full Spectrum” of cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are all present in relatively small / trace amounts and include some THC (>3%) in any product labelled as “Full Spectrum”.

All HEMPLIFE CBD products are classified as “Broad Spectrum” so they contain all the beneficial Hemp compounds but without the THC.

Why are there other additives in some of your CBD products?

We have enriched certain products with traditional and natural supplements that have been synonymous with health benefits for certain conditions. For example with our relax range We have enriched our Broad Spectrum, high quality HEMPLIFE CBD Oil with Passion Flower and 5-Htp because for years, Passion Flower and 5-Htp have been used as a natural, alternative way to reduce anxiety and to help to treat insomnia.

These additions are simply designed make selection easier for you.

Are HEMPLIFE CBD products suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, and all the products are totally natural and our factories do not process any animal related produce for anyone else.

Are there any side effects or can I overdose?

Most users do not experience any negative effects. But, as with any treatment – natural or otherwise – there can always be possible side effects. These include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, bloating and dizziness. The chances of this are extremely slim, but everybody is different. Therefore, we always recommend starting your dosage low if you are new to CBD.

If you are pregnant or taking prescription medications, you must consult with a doctor or medical professional before adding cannabis derived supplements to your diet. There have been no cases of anybody overdosing on any cannabinoids to our knowledge. However, we recommend that you should never exceed more than 100mg of CBD per day.

Are your products lab tested?

All HEMPLIFE CBD products are independently lab tested and reports can be obtained on request. However, If you have any concerns at all about taking CBD please contact us before making your purchase: