Sell HEMPLIFE CBD Products and You Could Generate a Great Second Income. 

Our Associate Model


 Our model is similar to many other successful and established Direct Selling business’s. Simply put, you spend as much time as you want encouraging friends, family and neighbours that are already using CBD, or are interested to find out more, to try HEMPLIFE CBD.

You buy the products from us at exclusive wholesale rates and sell at a retail price (RSPs are provided but are not compulsory). 

Once we approve your application we will send you a  unique username and password 

Your application is approved on the basis that you build your own customer base using your network of contacts. Just to be clear, this is not a case of hard selling to people, its more about exploring  the many benefits of HEMPLIFE CBD products and “helping them to buy” what’s right for them.

When you log in you can manage your password and edit your details as well as review your order history. You can order any quantity you want to at any time and there are further significant volume discounts available as you grow.

Carriage is free on orders of £100 or more (£9.99 below £100). If  your first order is over £100 you will also receive 5 free hard copy product brochures*.

Orders over £150 will trigger an extra discount and extra brochures and there are even more discounts the higher the order value. All of the extra discount levels will be detailed in your welcome email.

* Brochures dispatched separately to products


10 Reasons to Become a HEMPLIFE CBD Associate 


The CBD market is booming and has massive potential.

Relatively few customers can provide a great second income.

No start-up costs and ordering online makes getting started super easy.

HEMPLIFE CBD is not available in large supermarkets or chemist chains so you buy direct and earn great margins.

We can provide you with all the training and marketing support you'll need, including brochures, order forms and social media templates.

Frequent purchase requirement means more sales to less people.

Easy to navigate product choice options for your customers.

All products are Broad Spectrum which means they are completely THC free.

Innovative premium branding and packaging with exclusive formulations.

All formulas and products checked thoroughly for correct amounts, ingredients and percentages.

The CBD Market – £300m and Growing Exponentially!

Whilst there are many stories claiming incredible benefits from taking CBD by everyone from doctors to sports stars there is still scepticism and some suspicion in the public domain from individuals who haven’t properly researched the amazing power of CBD. Despite this, the market has grown to £300m (in 2019) and is set to reach around £1bn by 2025. This is a market that has grown primarily by word of mouth. This growth has led to hundreds of new brands and product formats but few have created a range with such a high-quality specification that is both comprehensive and focused on specific needs.


Of people in the UK support open CBD access


Of ALL 25-29 year olds use CBD


Please remember that CBD is not intended for anyone under 18 so you and your customers will need to meet that minimum age criteria. We will ask you to confirm this when you apply

Any profit that you  make as a result of buying and selling HEMPLIFE CBD products is for you to declare to your  tax authorities, HEMPLIFE EUROPE LTD do not accept responsibility for any unpaid tax on your behalf.

HEMPLIFE EUROPE LTD reserves the right to withdraw Associate status if we believe that access has been inappropriately gained or is not being used for the purpose intended

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